• I am Strong + Safe: Third Chakra Diffuser Mala Bracelet

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Wear this piece as a reminder that your power lives inside of you, and once you find it, you will feel safer within yourself. The third chakra, or solar plexus, corresponds to the area between the navel and the heart. It connects us our personal will + power. Rebalance your third chakra if you are struggling with your self-worth + self-esteem, need motivation or have troublesetting boundaries + saying no.

Mookaite harnesses the powerful medicine of the earth. It reminds us that we are in control of our own lives and our power lives inside of US, not somewhere outside. A lot of us tend to give away our power and find it hard to say NO. Mookaite will remind you to stay grounded while you reconnect to your inner power once again - which will help you feel safer in the world.

Crystals :: 

Chakra ::
Root + Third

Diffuser Bracelet :: 
Apply Essential Oils 
Rub a drop of the essential oil of your choice on any of the wood beads. Be careful not put oil on any of the gold details - keep it on the wood. The scent will last for 1-2 days - some oils last longer than others. Wood darkens over time with the oils. This is totally normal, and they still look beautiful.

This mala bracelet is made with 6 mm high grade crystals (AA, AAA and AAAA) gold filled beads, a chakra symbol gold plated charm, wood beads and elastic cord. Please select your wrist size before adding to your cart.

Our bracelets are crafted by hand with a specific intention. We cleanse and activate it for you with a moonlight bath. 

All of our pieces come in a beautiful raw cotton pouch with a hand stamped logo, an Intention card + a "Note from the Artist." This all comes in a kraft paper box.


We handcraft our pieces with one goal in mind: to make you happy. This is why we give you the following recommendations — so your Tiklari pieces stay beautiful and have a longer lifetime. We recommend that you:

• Keep it away from water
• Keep it away from sweat
• Do not store under direct artificial light or sunlight
• Do not use harsh cleaners to clean gold plating
• Do not wash
• Use a soft cloth (like a lens cleaner cloth) to clean if necessary

Shipping + Returns


All mala bead jewelry is made to order and each bead in the necklaces is knotted by hand, cleansed + activated by Karla before it ships out. In order to ensure and deliver high quality products made with love + care, please allow 3-10 business days for your item to be handmade and shipped out. If you need something sooner than this, please email us at info@tiklari.com and we will do our best to accommodate our needs. Thank you!


Please read more about our shipping + returns policies here.

minimal waste jewelry

One of our most important values is caring for Mother Earth. By using traditional hand-making techniques that have been used by artisans from different cultures around the world for hundredths of years, and using environmentally-friendly packaging, we make sure that our production remains as low-impact as possible. Please refer to our Minimal Waste Jewelry section for more information.

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  • I am Strong + Safe: Third Chakra Diffuser Mala Bracelet
  • I am Strong + Safe: Third Chakra Diffuser Mala Bracelet
  • I am Strong + Safe: Third Chakra Diffuser Mala Bracelet
  • I am Strong + Safe: Third Chakra Diffuser Mala Bracelet
  • I am Strong + Safe: Third Chakra Diffuser Mala Bracelet

Notes of Appreciation

“The pieces Karla creates are absolutely wonderful. Her malas carry the crystals’ and the animals’ powerful healing properties. They become your loyal companions: they are truly magical.”

-Barbara Mori, Actress

"I have always admired the creativity and heart in Karla’s work. She created a mala in response to my request that is stunning, embodies everything I had hoped, and carries a beautiful energy of love and courage. I am loving it. Her intuition and creative eye exceeded my expectations.”

-Lori R, Energy Healer, Bend, OR

“I love my mala. When I linked up with it, I knew it was just as I had envisioned it: I can feel the energy of the oceans in it. Karla is seriously talented.”

-Jane S, Spiritual Teacher, Ashland, OR