Co-Create A Mala

The experience of co-creating a piece is a magical healing experience. Mala beads are sacred pieces of wearable art. Having one made especially for you, inspired by your own intention, is an act of deeply healing self-care. Whether you are struggling with something, want to bring in more positive energy into a certain area of your life, or there is a specific chakra you are working with, I can help you choose the right crystals for your mala so that it empowers you and supports you on your healing journey. 

Every piece has a story. A special intention. A specific purpose. 
Here are some examples of some co-created mala necklaces, and the stories behind them. 


Created for a healer who is working with her 2nd chakra (the of passion and creativity is activated by Citrine and Sunstone) and her 5th chakra (the chakra of expression is activated by blue Apatite). It symbolizes the joy and courage it takes to express one's own passion and creativity.

Created for a spiritual teacher who has a strong connection to Yemanjá, the goddess of the Ocean. Made with a beautiful variation of blue crystals and stones, it stands for the majesty of the Ocean in all her colors.

Created for someone who loves the sunsets in the Mexican Pacific Ocean. From dark blue, purples, pinks sand peachy crystals, it symbolizes the deep peace and connection to oneself when we are in the presence of a beautiful sunset.

Created for someone going through strong physical challenges and needed strong healing in her Heart chakra. Kyanite + Selenite are both highly vibrational healing stones and Rose Quartz works with the Heart chakra.

Created for someone who was immediately drawn to my "I Am Love" mala necklace. She had a vision of integrating Rose Quartz and Amber to it.


The co-creating process is, as the name says, a process where you and I work together to create a piece especially for you. If your heart feels called to do this, here are the steps we will follow. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!



I will send you a short questionnaire to get a better idea of what you want, what you are feeling, where you are at, if you have any stone preferences, etc. Feel free to go as deep as you want. You will receive an easy-to-fill form in your Inbox immediately after I receive your deposit. You can order your co-created piece here.


Are you facing certain challenges, or need support with something, but have no idea what you need? As an intuitive artist + energy healer, I can help you out. Let me help you identify if there is a specific chakra you are struggling with and choose the right crystals for you. 

Once you purchase your co-created mala, I will email you a few options for us with times available to set up your consultation, which can be in-person (I live in Bend, OR) or over the phone, Skype or Facetime. I prefer a video call since it is more personal and easier to connect than just phone, but it is your call! 

Order your co-created piece with your consultation here.

2. AFTER THE QUESTIONNAIRE OR CONSULTATION..I will create two different crystal, pendant + animal charm combination options that I intuitively feel will support you specifically. You will receive these in an easy-to-download PDF file with clear pricing 2-3 days after the date of our consultation or after I receive your questionnaire.

 Once you choose the option you feel drawn to the most, I will send you a personal link if there is an extra amount to be paid (remember this is dependent on the crystals you choose). 

4. I will then purchase the necessary materials and design your mala. I will send you a photograph of the beads on my special mala board, organized in the order they will be knotted. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive this in your email. 

At this point, you can make edits/changes around the order of the beads, if you want any. Any additional changes at this point (i.e. if you want to change the beads we had chosen, for example) will be charged for separately.

Once I receive your approval on the design, I will knot the mala and ship it to you within 1 week. Please note that once the mala is knotted, I cannot re-design it. 

TOTAL PROCESS TIME: Approximately 2-3 weeks

BASE PRICE: What does it include?

The price for co-creating a piece varies. $275 is the base price if you choose the "Online Questionnaire" option. $300 is the base price if you choose to do a 30-minute in-person consultation with me (can also be done via phone/Facetime).

The base price may go up depending on the crystals we choose for you. This covers the time I put into going through your questionnaire, selecting high-quality crystals for you, creating two personalized crystal combinations for you to choose from, designing your mala, knotting each bead by hand with the utmost care and cleansing + charging your finalized piece.


All co-created mala necklaces are made using:
-108 8mm high-quality stone and crystal beads (AA and AAA quality)
-Gold-plated details
-Nylon cord
-Crystal pendant
-Animal charm
-Handmade tassel

Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all, or would like to discuss co-creating a piece before you commit. This is a magical healing process. Please commit only if you feel you are ready to make this investment in yourself. Feel into it and if it feels right in your heart, let's co-create a magical piece for you!