Crystal Healing Properties

“Everything in Life is Vibration”
-Albert Einstein

Gemstones, stones and crystals are sacred offerings from Mother Earth. These highly evolved beings take hundredths if not thousandths of years to form under the Earth's surface, and as they are forming, they absorb particular vibrations from the Elements they come in contact with (earth, air, fire, water). They then carry these healing vibrations and bless us with them when we wear them or have them close by.

Crystals can help us in particular ways with their high vibrational frequencies. Human frequencies are not very stable since we are always changing, growing and transforming - but the stable structure of crystals makes them vibrate at a very high frequency that resonates and can positively affect our chakra system.  Get to know your crystals and discover their personality: by developing a relationship with them, you can discover their most powerful healing properties. 

Harmonizing : Comforting : Creativity + Artistic Expression
Botswana Agate will slowly but surely bring you stability + strength with its soft + gentle energy. It will harmonize the yin + yang energies within you, helping you overcome destructive mental patterns, fears + even depression. It will give you a big, comforting hug that will fill you up with possibility and hope. As you are able to let go of repressed emotions, it will encourage creative and artistic expression. 
CHAKRA: Sacral
ZODIAC: Scorpio + Gemini + Capricorn

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New beginnings : Grow : Blossom
The tiny bits of flowers in this agate represent new beginnings. When you are unbalanced, overstimulated and need to start fresh, plant the seeds of growth + transformation. Like the roots of the flowers, this crystal is grounding, and it will lift your spirit during your process of slowly and steadily heal + blossom into the best version of yourself.
ZODIAC: Scorpio + Gemini + Capricorn

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Connect with your Purpose : Set Boundaries : Heal trauma
What is your mission in this life? Amazonite will help you trust yourself to step into your true purpose, manifest and express your deepest truth. It knows how hard it is to sometimes balance different areas of your life: work, friends, family, etc - so it helps you set boundaries that are sometimes hard to set for ourselves. It will also help you heal trauma + soothe emotional wounds as it releases toxic emotions like worry and fear.
CHAKRA: Heart + Throat

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Stop overthinking : Relax : Access your Intuition
Amethyst understands your tendency to overthink, and will help you ease, relax + sleep better too. Instead of going into those old patterns of letting your mind do its non-stop thing, connect to the Universe and ask yourself: what do you really need in your life right now? Amethyst will inspire a meditative state, help you access your intuition and imagination so you can make clear and more elevated decisions. Known as the “stone of sobriety” it also aids with overcoming addictions.
CHAKRAS: Third Eye (Sixth) + Crown
ZODIAC: Aries + Pisces + Aquarius 

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Love : Compassion : Communicate with your Guides
Green amethyst carries both the properties of amethyst + green crystals: it helps you access your psychic abilities, and open up to higher guidance + communication to spirit. Simultaneously, it opens the heart to love + compassion, and it amplifies other crystals’ properties too. Pretty magical, right?
CHAKRA: Heart + Sixth + Crown

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Reconnect to the World : Access your Inner Truth : Get Motivated
Maybe it’s time to [re]connect to the world around you: your community, the planet, its animals + plants: maybe you have been feeling lonely, isolated or self-conscious or have gone the other extreme and have fallen into a pattern of overactivity, and have forgotten about the world around you.  It’s totally normal and happens to most of us. Apatite can help you reconnect. It helps clear any negativity + ties to past lives + opens up a path to your inner truth and power: you can do and manifest anything your heart inspires you to.
CHAKRA: Throat + Third eye

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A healing stone for humans and the Earth, and a stone of Manifestation. It awakens and strengthens the Heart chakra, clearing away confusion or negativity and awakens the inner self, translating our human aspirations into healing, informing, communicating and teaching. It is associated with animal conservation and is called "bones of the Earth". It aids in releasing emotions and in understanding that money is a symbol of energy exchange. It stimulates the flow of energy on this physical plane, helping maintain inner balance and brings spiritual and financial abundance. A great stone for healers and for those feeling a desire to help heal the Earth.
CHAKRA: Heart + Third Eye

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Soothing : Clear Communication
Let Aquamarine wash away your loneliness or grief with its water-like soothing and calming energy. It is emotionally healing and brings peace to children + adults who are very sensitive + get angry easily. If you are struggling with clear and honest communication that comes from the deep honesty of your heart, then Aquamarine is also the one to help. 
CHAKRA: Throat + Heart 
ZODIAC: Pisces + Aries + Gemini

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Calm your Mind + Soul : Communicate with your Guides
If you are feeling overstimulated with this crazy world + disconnected from Source, Aureliate23 is a great crystal to have around. It calms your mind + soul and stimulates telephonic connection to guides and Angels, making it a great bridge between Earth and the Divine.
CHAKRA: Third eye, Crown Chakra

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Open + Honest Communication : Inner Peace : Access your Intuition
Sometimes it’s so hard to communicate openly + honestly, and blue Aventurine gets that. It will help you find your inner peace + access your intuition so you are less affected by the external and you are able to express your truth with love and without hesitation.
CHAKRAS: Throat 
ZODIAC: Aries 

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Manifest : Worth : Creativity
We have all been there: we are not sure we can create and manifest a new possibility for ourselves. Orange aventurine can help you overcome these blocks + listen to your inner voice: you are worthy of creating everything you desire.
Chakra: Sacral + Third 
ZODIAC: Taurus

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Grace : Integrity : Love
When you find yourself in difficult situations, pink aventurine can help you handle them with grace and integrity. It will help balance your energy, bringing in love, positivity + calmness into your life.
CHAKRA: Heart 
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Self-Discipline : You Deserve It : Abundance
Aventurine ignites the masculine energy, self-discipline ,strength and responsibility that will help you generate more abundance in your life. You are worth it: you deserve abundance in all its forms (love, money, health, etc.) The more more abundant you are, you have more to give.
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Optimism : Sweetness : Abundance 
If you are feeling pessimistic or overly angry lately, have Calcite by your side. With its sweet and subtle personality, it will soothe your inner fire, inspire love, hope + optimism and attract abundance for your future.
ZODIAC: Cancer

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Vital Energy : Courage : Stick to your Goals
When your energy is low and you are feeling unmotivated, Carnelian gives you a boost of “chi”, “prana”, or vital energy, with an extra shot of self-confidence + courage to get things moving. Keep it close if you want to own your own power and independence and need some help sticking to your goals.
SIGN: Taurus + Cancer

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Dissipate negative thoughts : Intuition : Kindness
Very gently, white chalcedony can help dissipate negative thoughts, anxiety and sadness, bringing mind, body and spirit into harmony. As this happens, your intuition will get sharper. Its pure energy generates self-love + kindness in those who keep it close. 
CHAKRAS: Heart + Sixth + Crown

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Joy : Relax : Forgive
If you find yourself feeling down, anxious or worried constantly, chrysoprase is one of the best “antidepressant” crystals. It helps you relax + guards you from negative, strong emotions + replaces them with optimism, joy, happiness + self-love. It will also help you with forgiving yourself + others + with other matters of the heart

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Joy : Happiness : Abundance 
When you find yourself stuck in your negative thoughts and feelings, Citrine comes shining in with its rays of sunshine charged with optimism, joy + happiness. It will help you raise your energy to a higher plane + live life to the fullest by manifesting abundance in all its forms.
CHAKRAS: Third / Also Root + Sacral
ZODIAC: Aries + Gemini + Leo
Cleansing: It can help cleanse your other crystals. Some believe it is self-cleansing, but a little love will never hurt it.

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Teaching + Learning : Truth : Communication
Dumortierite is the mineral of teaching + learning. It will activate your Third Eye: your concentration, intelligence and memory. It will help you balance your mental state and access your innermost Truth. With a clear Third Eye, new ideas will come to you, and Dumortierite can also help you express them, communicate them and share them with the world. It can also aid you in strengthening your communication with the Divine. 
CHAKRAS: 5th + 6th

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Anxiety Relieving : Intuition
During times of anxiety, stress + chaos, fluorite comes to the rescue. It is great for neutralizing and absorbing those negative energies + transforming them into organized, clear, peaceful, positive thoughts + emotions so you can easily access your intuition. It also helps magnify the power of other gemstones.
CHAKRA: Fifth + Sixth
ZODIAC: Pisces, Capricorn

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Grounding : Encouragement : Vitality
Deeply grounding, garnet is the one to go to if you need to connect to life on Earth and get stuff done. If you are feeling insecure and need some motivation + courage + passion to reach a goal Garnet is here to cheer you on. If you are struggling with your health, this crystal will help by injects more vitality into your first chakra.
ZODIAC: Virgo + Aquarius + Leo + Capricorn

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Clear : Increase Your Light : Stay Connected
These guys may be small, but their potency is STRONG. The most powerful of all quartz crystals (that is saying something!) they are amazing amplifiers of light and positive energy. They magnify properties of other stones + increase the amount of light that can come through you, making them great for clearing all the chakras + stimulating healing. They are also said to link people together when you are apart: put them on when you are together, each person keeps one + stay connected no matter what. 
CHAKRA: Sixth + Crown
ZODIAC: Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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Intuition : Orientation : Self-Expression
Traditionally used by the Vikings to help them navigate their journeys, Iolite aids you in the journey towards your deep self. It helps you uncover the lost parts of yourself, your balance, orientation and motivation. It also helps activate your intuition, inspiring self-expression through art, singing and dancing.
CHAKRAS: Fifth + Sixth

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Calm : Recharge : Dream 
A very old stone, Jade brings calm in the middle of the storm. It helps you let go of negative thoughts, irritability + feelings of guilt, stimulating positive thoughts + vitality. It is a “dream stone” that helps you remember dreams + release suppressed emotions through your dreams. It comes in a variety of colors (also referred to Nephrite or Jadeite) that have additional properties:

Green: Abundance + Prosperity + Good Fortune
Orange: Joy + Energy + Stimulating 
Sand/Brown: Grounding + Comfort + Reliability
Pink: Happiness + Aura purification + Spiritual Nourishment 
Yellow: Positivity + Cheer + Energy 

CHAKRA: Varies depending on color
ZODIAC: Varies depending on color

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(Outback + Black + Silver Leaf)
Protection : Courage : Stabilize your Aura 
Japser is a grounding stone that shield you against stress, negative thoughts + energies, stabilizing your aura + replacing them with courage + strength. It is great if you are struggling with nightmares, for it facilitates clear dreams + visions.
ZODIAC: Aquarius + Capricorn

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(African Sea Sediment)
If you are feeling intolerant or find yourself obsessively thinking about something, Jasper’s energy will give you emotional support + bring calmness, tolerance + harmony into your life.
ZODIAC: Aquarius + Capricorn

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Cleanse Your Aura : Protection From Negative Energies : Uncover your True Self
Labradorite will help uncover your beautiful, true, hidden self. Referred to as the "Stone of Magic", labradorite will help you access higher levels of consciousness and psychic abilities while protecting your aura from any negative energies that may come your way. As you 

CHAKRA: Seventh/Crown 
ZODIAC: Leo + Sagittarius

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Calm your Mind : Find Your Truth : Connect to your Guides
Keep your feet on the ground + head in the clouds with your friend Lapis. It will calm your mind and invite you go to go deep within yourself, helping you discover and awaken your power so you can express your authentic truth and wisdom with clarity. You will become more open to the Divine and strengthen the connection to your spiritual guardians.
CHAKRA: Throat + Sixth 
ZODIAC: Pices + Saggitarius

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Stabilize your Anxiety : Take Action
We all know changes can be scary, and sometimes when facing a new situation, we freeze. Lepidolite’s guidance comes to the rescue. It’s energy is great for stabilizing your anxiety and clearing your negative thoughts, so you can take action in peace and tranquility + bursting with optimism. It can also help you get deep, restful sleep.
ZODIAC: Libra 

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Soothing : Self-love : Honesty
Magnesite is all about the love. Its soothing vibration is very calming and great for meditation. It will open your heart + generate more self-love, motivating you to be more truthful + honest with yourself and others.
CHAKRA: Sixth + Crown

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(White + Rainbow)
Femininity : Tenderness : Intuition
Moonstone is the goddess of crystals: connected to the moon, its gentle, feminine energy will help you access your nourishing, tender + sensual side. Purify your mind + come back to your heart so you can get in touch your mental power + intuition.
CHAKRA: Sixth + Crown
ZODIAC: Scorpio + Cancer 

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Yellow opal helps facilitate change + gives you power to move forward and start things over. It also activates your creativity + vital energy. Purifies negative energy + turns tears into a smile, bringing confidence, optimism + positivity into your life.  A great stone if you are looking to become independent or start a new endeavor.
CHAKRAS: Sacral + Third

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Strength from Old Wounds : Protection
In times of difficulty, black onyx can help overcome old wounds, anxieties and fears that may be keeping some of those bad habits we all have in place. Guard yourself from negative energies so that you can see the inner depths of your soul through your own eyes, not through what others think or expect of you. 

Happiness : Well-Being : Prosperity
Peridot is one of the happiest crystals. It will help discharge emotional issues that are effecting your physical body, move away from anger, resentment + jealousy. It breaks old, negative patterns and replaces them with happy, light-hearted vibes, abundance, + prosperity. It’s time to shine your inner radiance while walking on the sunny side of life!
ZODIAC: Leo + Virgo + Sagittarius + Capricorn + Scorpio

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Prehnite brings peace + protection to your heart. It is considered a stone of unconditional love. It activates your willpower (third chakra) and connects it to your heart so whatever you use your power for, you do it in service of love + the highest good of all. It also connects you to Mother Nature, encouraging a deep relationship between your heart + the heart of the Earth. A great stone for healers + spiritual practices.
CHAKRAS: Heart + Third (balances them)

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Forgiveness : Compassion : Unconditional Love
When you are finding it hard to forgive, let go of anger, jealousy or resentment + restore trust, rose quartz is your go-to crystal. With its Divine, healing feminine energy, you will find it easier to find compassion for yourself + others and open your heart to unconditional love of all kinds: self-love, towards/from family, friends, and romantic love.
ZODIAC: Taurus + Cancer

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High-Vibes : Expand Your Consciousness : Open your Heart
Crystal quartz is considered a “Master Healer” that can help you with all your chakras, in particular the crown. If you are stuck in negativity, it will help open your mind + expand your consciousness into more elevated perspectives. It will open your heart too, helping you communicate with plants, minerals + animals more fluidly. A magical crystal, it helps fill the space around you with high-vibrations + radiate that energy in all directions. It is also said it can aid with physical pain.
CHAKRA: Crown 

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Play : Love Your Inner Child : Heal Old Wounds
Rhodochrosite will help you let go of old childhood wounds and release blockages that are keeping you from being happy, calming your heart, giving you hope + strength to believe in love + happiness again. It will help you connect to your inner child, love her unconditionally and just have fun with her - it is time to play and be happy again!

ZODIAC: Leo + Scorpio 

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Grounding : Go with the Flow
When you are stuck in a rut and there hasn’t been much movement in some area of your life, River Stone can help improve the flow of energy. It will help you find a balance between staying grounded + allowing yourself to go with the flow in the middle of change.

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Life Energy : Love : Sensuality
If your energy is low or your mind is blurry, your friend Ruby can help. Its intense energy will increase your “prana” or life force as it sharpens your mind + increases your concentration. A grounding crystal, it strengthens your ability to meet your basic needs + manifest your desires. The deep red will [re] connect you to the energy of love, helping you find your true love as it increases your sensuality + sexual energy. It is said it also aids with fertility.
ZODIAC: Cancer + Scorpio + Sagitarius + Leo 

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Wisdom : Self-Expression : Truth
The “Stone of Wisdom” will transmute your negative thoughts and help your mind be clearer, stronger + more focused. That way, you will be able to access deeper levels of truth, consciousness + understanding + wisdom, and expressing yourself + speaking your truth will become way easier. 
CHAKRA: Throat + Sixth
ZODIAC: Virgo + Gemini

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Align your chakras : Honesty : Purity 
Selenite is a beautiful crystal. It will allow your energy to flow like liquids as it aligns all the chakras, clearing energetic blockages + stagnation. You will feel a sense of freedom from confusions + negativity, a desire to be more honest, helping you open, clear + activate your connection to your Spirit guides and guardian Angels. Its calming energy is particularly beneficial if you are a mom or are pregnant. With Selenite, life in general will feel more pure.
ZODIAC: Taurus
CLEANSING: It can help cleanse your other crystals. Some believe it is self-cleansing, but a little love never hurts

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A rare form of selenite, it is a super-charged version of traditional selenite. It can help you achieve your soul’s highest purpose, unifying your third chakra with your heart and inner wisdom. Reclaim your willpower and manifest your dreams into reality.
CHAKRA: Third + Sixth

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Ground : Release : Strengthen 
Stress, anxiety, worry, bad moods + panic attacks can be so draining. Smokey Quartz has the ability to help you anchor yourself into this world and be more present + in the NOW. Known as the “Stone of Power” it will transmit strength + stability as it helps you release excess + out-of-balance energy out of your body and into the Earth to be transmuted + neutralized.
ZODIAC: Capricorn 
CLEANSING: Cleanse it often, as it absorbs a lot of negative energy 

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Intuition: Inspiration: Creativity
Known as “Logic stone” and the Stone of Creatives”, Sodalite clears your vision + thoughts so you can get to know yourself on a deeper level + access your intuition + be more inspired + express your creativity. Creativity is a Divine gift and can be your highest form of self-expression, and Sodalite is the doorway to access that part of yourself.
CHAKRA: Throat
ZODIAC: Saggitarius

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Peace : Understanding : Love
Soothing and calming, strawberry quartz amplifies intentions of love, generosity + gratitude. It helps relieve anxiety, fear and stress and replaces them with a deep feeling of understanding + peace. It aids in awakening consciousness + intuition + gaining hidden knowledge. A great stone for meditation and healing.
CHAKRA: Fourth / Sixth / Crown

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Sugilite is a magical crystal that carries the “Violet ray” energy. If you or your child are one of the many highly sensitive people who find living on Earth challenging, Sugilite will be a great shield of protection from negative energies + nightmares. It has the ability to help you let go of emotional stresses like sorrow, fear, past angers. It will align all the chakras as it brings an energy hope + optimism + unconditional love to flow into your body, while keeping you grounded.

CHAKRA: Crown, not for escape, but for grounding

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Joy : Fun : Boundaries
Sunstone is like “sunblock” with good vibes that protects you from toxicity and negativity, helping you feel more alive + joyful + abundant. We all get so wrapped up in our day-to-day that we all forget to play sometimes - but Sunstone reminds you connect with your inner child + just have some plain old fun! It is great if you have a hard time saying “no”, helping you set boundaries. With its sunny rays, it helps amplify the power of other crystals + stones.
CHAKRA: Sacral

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Soothing : Illuminate your Mind : Open your Third Eye
Tanzanite’s calming + soothing blue energy will help you in overcome fear, crises and worries, generating an energy of happiness, compassion, trust and love. It will also guide you to live more from the heart with an illuminated mind while facilitating the opening of your third eye slowly + gradually. It is said it is particularly beneficial for therapists and those who interpret emotional experiences.
CHAKRA: Throat + Sixth
ZODIAC: Gemini
MONTH: December
CARE: Wear with care. Tanzanite it is particularly delicate*

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Protection : Be Present + Empowered
If external negativity affects you, Tourmaline is a great protector. It neutralizes not-so-positive thoughts, emotions, radiation + environmental pollutants and transmutes them into positive energy. A strong grounding stone, it will empower you connect to the Earth + be more present.
ZODIAC: Capricorn

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Align your Chakras : Multivitamin Crystal
A “Master Healer”, turquoise is like a “multi-vitamin” that aligns all your chakras + opens you up to a high frequency of love. It is said to be the oldest mineral in history and has been used for protection, health + abundance for thousandths of years. Soothe your mind, reduce your stress + mood swings + restore your joy of living!
CHAKRA: Throat + All
ZODIAC: Scorpio + Sagittarius + Pisces