Your mala is a sacred object made with delicate, high-quality crystals, stones, and gold plated details. As with anything scared, it must be cared for and tended to.

*Avoiding swimming, jumping, doing laundry, dishes, practicing yoga, running, playing with children, etc while wearing your mala beads. It is a delicate piece and you don't want it to get tangled or tugged on.
*Do not wet, or leave it under the sunlight for too long.
*Avoid using lotions or any other liquid products.
*Do not use water or any liquid or harsh cleaners to clean your mala beads. Use a soft cloth to clean the crystals if needed.
*The gold plated pieces will last if you care for it well. To prevent the gold plated parts from tarnishing, keep it in the pouch we provide when you are not using it, especially if you live in a high humidity area.


We offer the following recommendations for your Tiklari pieces to stay beautiful and have a longer lifetime.

*Keep away from water, sweat, lotions + liquids
*Do not store under direct artificial light or sunlight
*Do not use harsh cleaners to clean gold plating. Use a soft cloth to clean, if necessary
*Do not wash

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