Animal Spirit Healing Energy

“Those Who Teach the Most About Humanity Aren’t Always Human”
-Donald L. Hicks

Guided by intuition, I alchemize the vibratory frequency of crystals and animal energies. From every piece, hangs a small [endangered] animal charm, and I connect its energetic characteristics + traits with the properties of the crystals. The result is an piece of wearable art super-charged with light, magic and the healing powers of Mother Earth.

Animals are high vibrational, wise, powerful beings. We have so much to learn from them: they are connected to the Earth, live in complete balance with nature, live in the present moment, they are free of judgement, love unconditionally and they easily let things go. It is in their nature to love the Earth, be in the present moment, live life to the fullest and love without conditions. 


The rhino is a stable, grounded, strong animal. Wear a rhino if you need help grounding and keeping your feet on the Earth. It will also boost your energy for life, self-confidence, and amplify your personal power and inner strength. 
CHAKRAS: First/Root + Third/Solar Plexus 

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Elegant and unique: there are no 2 zebras with the same stripes. They are beautifully graceful on the outside and can be pretty aggressive (even sexually) on the inside. Wearing a zebra will help you love your beautiful body and activate your passion, sex drive + creativity. It will also give you a self-confidence boost.
CHAKRAS:  Second/Sacral

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The leopard is a distinctly beautiful, strong, extremely confident, intelligent big cat. It is persevering, is rarely defeated and fights until his/her last breath. Wear a leopard if you need extra motivation, focus and determination towards accomplishing your goals. 
CHAKRAS: First/Root + Third/Solar Plexus

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Elephants are wise, loyal and loving protectors of their family. Wear an elephant if you could benefit from its grounded, strong, protective energy. It will also help your heart open to love, acceptance and forgiveness.
CHAKRAS:  Fourth/Heart

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The lion is a majestic, courageous and strong king in Africa with a loud, solid roar. Wear a lion to remind you of your own magic and majesty. Its energy will help you reclaim and own your power and your voice so you can communicate clearly and speak your Truth.
CHAKRAS:  Third + Fifth 

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Chimps are some of the smartest animals and are great communicators. Justs like chimps, gorillas are loving, affectionate, playful apes who love to play tricks and to  observe the world around them. These apes’ energies will help connect you with your inner child,  increase your awareness and internal wisdom.

CHAKRAS: Throat, Heart and Third Eye

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Giraffes have one of the largest hearts of the animal kingdom and are the tallest mammals on Earth. Wear a giraffe if you are seeking to amplify the energy of love in your life, need help seeing things from a wider perspective, break from old beliefs, and/or heighten your psychic awareness while maintaining a strong, grounded connection to Earth.

CHAKRAS: First, Heart, Crown