"I received my mala necklace!  I put it on at once.  And then I didn’t take it off for the rest of the day.  It felt right and I felt safe. It was like putting on a cozy blanket when you are cold. Amazing. For this month up until 12/4 when I depart for Costa Rica and the ayahuasca ceremony, I am specifically focused on clearing and opening and moving forward in my healing process.  This necklace is part of it.  It is going on the journey with me."
-Gail / Tucson, AZ

"I just received the sacred mala necklace [my boss ] bought from you made as a present for my retirement.  I just wanted you to know how much I love it and how good I feel when I wear it.  I find I actually never want to take it off.  It is so beautiful. You make such amazing chakra work.  I love the crystal, the colors, and especially love the fact that you made it and it has your light and love energy in it."
-Lynne / Bend, OR

"I knew that my mala would be beautiful.  Upon opening it, I was completely right.  Absolutely right.  And then some. Karla. it is gorgeous!!  A true piece of art!!!  The colors are so lovely.  I placed my pendulum over it as soon as I received it and the energy was phenomenal. And my bracelet: what a powerful piece on its own! I am honored to wear the astonishing pieces that you have created. I am so grateful to have found you. After talking to you on the phone, I knew I had the best person available to create my mala.  The way in which you use your talents to help others is admirable and anyone who has dealings with you realizes how fortunate they are to work with you."
-Kathy / NJ

"The pieces Karla creates are absolutely wonderful. Her malas carry the crystals’ and the animals’ powerful healing properties. They become your loyal companions: they are truly magical.”
-Barbara Mori, Actress / Mexico City

"I have always admired the creativity and heart in Karla’s work. She created a mala in response to my request that is stunning, embodies everything I had hoped, and carries a beautiful energy of love and courage. I am loving it. Her intuition and creative eye exceeded my expectations.”
-Lori, Energy Healer, Bend, OR

“I love my mala. When I linked up with it, I knew it was just as I had envisioned it: I can feel the energy of the oceans in it. Karla is seriously talented.”
-J.S., Spiritual Teacher, Ashland, OR

"My necklace just arrived! I’m soooo happppyyyy with it! It’s gorgeous!"
-I.Y., Japan

"I received my Mala and it is gorgeous! Thank you very much - it was absolutely worth waiting for!"

"I just got my delivery and I'm blown away! The mala is so beautiful and so me! It's perfect. The bracelets are gorgeous too! I can't wait to wear them all."

"My mala necklace arrived yesterday! It is everything I hoped it would be and a million times more!"

"I got the pieces. They are so beautiful - I have worn them every day!"

"My package arrived today - I love the mala, it is beautiful. I can feel the energy in your work."