Help Care for the Animals

"The mountains are my bones,
The rivers are my veins.
The forests are my thoughts
And the stars are my dreams.

The Ocean is my heart,
Its pounding is my pulse,
The sounds of the Earth write
The music of my soul"

-Wild Woman Sisterhood


By purchasing Tiklari products, you support a movement: a world where we value slow fashion, true craftsmanship + we honor Mother Earth and all of its beings. By selecting any of our pieces, you help support traditional art forms and real people who care about the Earth, instead of big factories and machines using huge amounts of chemicals to create mass-produced items with a much bigger negative impact on the environment.

Purchasing Tiklari pieces helps care for animals whose wellbeing has been threatened. We donate 10% of our profits from select pieces from our “Magic + Miracles” collection  to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization dedicated to creating a kind environment and caring for orphaned endangered African wild animals.



I always had a natural connection to animals. When I was born, we had 4 dogs, birds, ducks and turtles at home. I believe animals hold wisdom way beyond our human understanding, and there is so much we can learn from them. They were here before humans came to this Earth and are the Earth's guardians, caregivers and messengers.

In the past 60-70 years, humans have unfortunately done a lot to damage to Mother Earth: to Her land, Her Oceans, Her plants and Her animals. Wild animals in certain areas of the world have seen more changes in the last 50 years than in the last 2 million years. Our influence has transformed the planet: scientists have found that 50% of the world’s land area is now dominated by human activity and 9% of the change happened in the last 25 years. The Earth is hurting - but after five mass extinctions, it is clear that our Planet has the potential to transform and adapt.

However - humanity needs to evolve and radically transform in order to survive. The chaos we are living through is an opportunity for us to shift our ways, our priorities, and the way we see things. It is an opportunity for us to elevate our consciousness and see beyond the physical. Can we learn a new way of relating to the Earth and to its other species? Can we reshape our ways to live more in tune with Mother Earth? Will we find the humility in our hearts to recognize that the Earth does not belong to us? Will we channel our higher consciousness to care for the Earth? 

Losing more species is probably inevitable and deeply sad. Their physical forms may eventually disappear, yet their spirits are eternal. The soul and wisdom of all the beings who exist and those who ever existed is here with us: guiding us towards our evolution if we are humble enough to listen. 

Feeling deeply motivated and inspired as ever to help make a positive impact during my time here on Earth, I created the “Magic + Miracles” collection. On every
 piece from this collection hangs a small animal charm. I connect its energetic characteristics + traits with the properties of the crystals. I alchemize the vibratory frequency of crystals and animal energies to create wearable art super-charged with light, magic and the healing powers of Mother Earth. 

Choose the animal that you feel called to, whether you are attracted to its energy, loved it as a child or feel called to help. Be part of a movement to help provide food, water + veterinary care for them, and education to humans who come into conflict with them, motivating them to respect and celebrate the animals around them. My wish is that your piece connects you to the powerful healing vibration of nature: its crystals and its animals, and becomes a constant reminder of your beautiful light + desire to create a kinder, more loving place for us to live in.

Karla Diaz Cano

What is happening African animals?
Read more about their healing energies here. 

“The Earth is what we all have in common.