Minimal Waste Jewelry

One of our most important values is caring for Mother Earth. By using traditional hand-making techniques that have been used by artisans from different cultures around the world for hundredths of years, and using environmentally-friendly packaging, we make sure that our production remains as low-impact as possible.

Here is a list of the things we do + you can also do to keep our waste minimal and help our Planet:

90% of the materials used in our “magic and miracles” line are reusable or recyclable. Please read below for specifications 

-All of our pieces are handmade using traditional, low-impact methods. Our artisan-made pieces are made by male artisans in small, traditional jewelry workshops, or women working from home. They are all of legal age and paid fair wages. Some even own their own businesses.
- Our “Magic and Miracles” line is handmade by me (Karla) with the help of a few hispanic immigrant women 

- We do not include a printed invoice in your package. If you need it for your reference or for records, please refer to the invoice/order email you initially from us. You can also print it at home, if you need a physical one for your records.
- We use raw cotton pouches (not chlorinated or dyed) + we stamp our logo by hand
- For larger products, our pouches are handmade by a woman from Mayan origin in Mexico
- We use Kraft gift boxes that can be reused or recycled
- If they fit, multiple pieces may be arranged in one box. If you require more than one box for gifts, please include a note at checkout and we will happily include additional boxes. 
- The papers/meaning cards that come in your box are recyclable, in case you don’t want to keep them for reference
- Our shipping boxes are recyclable + reusable: please make sure to remove the shipping label first.
- If your item is on the smaller side, you may receive a Kraft paper mailer. These can be recycled at specific drop-off locations. Find the location nearest to you here.
- Our shipping tape is made of recyclable Kraft paper. Unlike plastic tape, it does not slow down or affect the recycling process. 
- We send an email out every time we receive an order asking if you are OK with us reusing a shipping bubble mailer. If your package fits in one, and you don’t mind the envelope being reused (it is probably going to end up in the trash anyways, right?), we will … The inside packaging will still be new and unused. 
- We use recyclable paper from old books to fill up our boxes + protect your items. 


Once you receive your package please follow these suggestions:

- The small pouches made of unbleached cotton are great for:
*storing other jewelry
*storing items when traveling or in your purse: supplements, reusable cotton pads
*take nuts on the go
*carry coins

-Larger pouches can be used for a wide variety of things such as:
*Underwear when traveling
*Pads or tampons

Keep random things like nails, clips, markers, crayons
*Use them to ship something else
*Recycle them

*Use them when you make a fire in your fireplace
*Reuse to ship something else
*Use it if you are moving or know someone who is
*Recycle it

*Keep them as reminders
*Put the one with the intention on your fridge or altar
*All are recyclable

What If My Piece Breaks?

Malas are meant to be worn or used until they break. This symbolizes the mala's intention completed its cycle. Once that happens, or you decide that you want to get rid of it eventually, here are some ideas of how to do so in an environmentally friendly way: 

Don’t Throw Away Your Beads
*Keep them on your altar as a reminder of your completed intention
*Use them for crafting
*Offer them back to the Earth. You can literally bury them - they are natural crystals and they came from the Earth.
*Decorate a plant pot
*Cleanse, recharge and restring into another bracelet for you and a friend, or your daughter. You can also contact us and we can help you with this for a small fee!

Recycle Gold Plated Parts
*Do not throw them in the trash!
*Ship them back to us and get a 15% off your next purchase. Once we collect enough pieces, we send them to be recycled.

Thread + String
Depending on the size of string you can:
*Reuse to tie lose items
*Unfortunately this is the only item that would have to go to the trash. But if you can see — the waste can be minimal!