Tiklari is a collection of  sacred wearable art pieces handcrafted with the intention of honoring Mother Nature's sacred gifts + supporting your spiritual journey. 

Every being and force in this Universe -whether an animal, a deity, the water, fire, the moon and the stars - has a spirit and carries a particular sacred healing energy, or teaching. Nature. teaches us that these beings + forces are simply powerful portals to help us look within + access our own innate medicine, for our deepest wisdom + power lives deep inside our own hearts.

My wish is that the piece that speaks to your heart + goes home with you internally transports you to the sacred portal of Creation + becomes a daily reminder of the Divinity within you and your interconnectedness to the Earth + all Her beings.


Some pieces are crafted locally by me, while others are handmade by artisans + indigenous people in Mexico. They are the ones who have been protecting sacred, medicinal plants for hundreds of years, and my wish is to help preserve their ancient, infinite wisdom.


Making art has been an important part of my healing + growth. Staying connected to my creativity + making art helped me calm my heart and mind, process emotions, heal heartbreak, and get in touch with my deepest truths.
In 2013, feeling like Western Medicine was not addressing the root of my struggles, I dove into learning and experiencing the healing powers of psychedelics, plants and sacred ceremony. These portalhave been a significant part of my journey, hence my desire to honor + celebrate them.

I believe in our innate ability to heal through the deep exploration of our internal selves + our connection to Mother Nature. She is my biggest teacher + source of inspiration + the most talented Creatrix: always expressing, transforming, and constantly creating and recreating Herself in the most magnificent way. My soul yearns for the days where we worked with, healed from and worshipped Mother Nature, and my work is, ultimately, a celebration of life and a devotional tribute to Her and her medicines.