Tiklari was born in 2010 during a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The brand's original concept has evolved and transformed through the years. As I have walked my spiritual path, my life, the way I see the world + the way I relate to the Earth has transformed, and so has my art. In 2019, 9 years after its birth, a new version of Tiklari came into being.

Guided by intuition, I alchemize the vibratory frequency of crystals to create one-of-a-kind mala bracelets and necklaces. Each piece is made with a specific, positive intention inspired by a specific chakra, Element, Force of Nature, deity, spirit animal or spirit plant. The result is a piece of wearable art super-charged with the magical healing powers of Mother Earth that can aid you in your healing journey. I am called to bring back the days where we valued craftsmanship + slow living; a world where we worked with healed from and wor shipped Mother Nature.

My wish is that the piece you are called to take home with you touches your heart, speaks to your soul, and becomes a daily reminder of your innate light magic, wisdom + power and your deep connection to the Earth.


My creative work is a continuous reflection of my life experience and introspective process, and as a result, it has transformed and evolved through the years. Making art has been an important part of my healing + growth. Growing up as an only child I spent a lot of time on my own. Starting with my parent's divorce and the loss of my beloved stepfather, I went through a lot during my early years. Staying connected to my creativity + making art helped me stay afloat. As an adult, art has helped me calm my mind, deal with difficult emotions, heal heartbreak and reconnect to what is truly important for myself.  In 2013, after struggling with anxiety, depression and as a result, my physical health, and feeling like Western Medicine was not addressing the root of my struggles, I dove into learning and experiencing the healing powers of plants.

In 2015, I dove deep into the plant medicine world. I moved from NYC back home to Mexico City in the middle of what one could call an existential crisis. I was not clear on what I wanted to do with my time or how I wanted to do it, but I was clear on one thing: I was on the way towards becoming clearer with who I really am, and what I was doing and the way I was working were
 not fulfilling me or aligned with my values anymore - and  sacred plant s were a huge part of thi s proce s s. 

In 2017 I moved to Oregon, guided to dive even deeper into my
self and  got certified in Energy Medicine. I surrounded myself with powerful healers who have become my friends, teachers, guides and mentors.  Eventually, I began learning about the healing power of crystals and self-taught myself the sacred art of mala bead making. Read more about the healing properties of crystals here. 


I believe in our innate ability to heal through the deep exploration of our internal selves + our connection to Mother Nature. She is my biggest teacher and source of inspiration. She is the most creative artist and the most inspiring teacher of all: always expressing, transforming, and constantly creating and recreating Herself in the most magnificent way. She is the Source and Creator of healing forces and offerings such as plants, animals, crystals, the water, fire, the moon and the stars. All of Her Elements carry a particular vibration that we can learn from and heal through. My work is, ultimately, a celebration of life and a devotional tribute to Her and Her offering s.


All of the mala bead necklaces + bracelets are designed and handmade by me. To produce select earrings, rings + other pieces, I collaborate closely with artisans from Turkey, Mexico + Colombia. All of the Tiklari pieces are handcrafted, honor craftsmanship + tradition, and bring beauty + magic into our world, aiming to celebrate the handmade as a symbol of union + love.