The stones + crystals used in our "Magic + Miracles" line are offerings from Mother Earth. Crystals are highly vibrational given their unique, stable internal geometric structure. When we wear crystals, we benefit from their energy as we tune in to their vibration. 

Crystals are sacred and as all sacred items, it must be cared for accordingly. It is recommended that crystals are cleared and charged periodically. Before your piece goes out to you, I cleanse finished mala beads with salt water using an indirect salt water method to restore the crystals’ energy and I harge them under sunlight or moonlight. This allows the Elements to work their magic + transmit their positive energy into your piece. Once you receive your mala, it is clear + ready for you to activate it with your intention. 

In reality, crystals are highly intelligent and are self-calibrating, but since you are probably using your mala beads constantly, they likely to be absorbing energy. Some crystals should be cleansed + charged more often than others, especially ones used for protection (there are details under some crystals listed here).  

There are different ways you can clear + charge crystals. Since your mala has string + gold details, please do not place the piece directly in water.
We recommend using these methods instead:


Clearing cleans the crystal from any stuck or negative energies.

Use white sage, an incense stick or whatever sacred plant you feel connected to. This is great for crystals that do not do well with water such as Opal, Pyrite and Selenite. 

Fill a large bowl with a few pinches of Himalayan salt. Place a smaller empty bowl inside the large bowl, letting the water surround it but not overflow into it. Place your mala inside the small empty bowl and leave it there for a few hours of overnight. It will still absorb the vibration of the water + salt and clear it without damaging your piece.


Charging re-charges the crystal with its healing properties after it's been cleansed. 


Place your piece under the rays of the sun for 30 minutes. This is best done in the morning. Do not leave it for longer, as it can damage sensitive crystals.
**This method will also cleanse the crystals**

Some believe moonlight is not strong enough for charging crystals, but we know some of us may have a strong connection to the this beautiful force. Leave your mala to bathe under the moon overnight. This can be particularly powerful during the Full Moon.

Other methods include using singing bowls, bells, visualization, placing on a large quartz cluster, digging them in the Earth, amongst others. If you feel more drawn to these methods, you can find a lot of information on these methods on Google.


Once you receive your mala, you can program it by setting a specific personal intention for it.
What will it be a daily reminder of?
What will it help you out with?
What are you currently working on in your life? 

Some examples may be: be more open hearted in my relationships, be more patient, stay grounded and protected, etc.

Program it by sitting in meditation while holding it in your hands or close to your heart. Take a few deep breaths, visualize a white light surrounding you, tune into your mala and state your intention out loud or in your mind:

“I ask you to support me with/work with me to ____ [State your intention here.]  If it is in the highest good of all beings, may it be so. Thank you.”

You can add a mega-charge this by also visualizing yourself actually living your intention.