The Tiklari story was born during Karla Diaz Cano’s first visit to Istanbul in 2010, where she found herself in awe of Turkey’s rich jewelry culture. She always had a passion for colorful, ethnic, and artisanal objects, so as she stumbled upon a wall of colorful bracelets and was immediately transfixed. Not knowing much about designing jewelry, she embarked upon a journey that has now transformed her life and that of many others. Karla currently collaborates with artisans from Turkey, Colombia and Mexico. Inspired to capture a spirit of colorful adornment, Karla uses the inspiration she takes from her surroundings, particularly food and travel, to define Tiklari’s bold identity, selecting colors to convey happiness, wishing to celebrate fashion as an art form born from the flow of ideas and fusion of culture.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help preserve traditional hand-making techniques that have been used by artisans from different cultures around the world for hundredths of years. We don't only source items around the globe; we work closely and collaborate with artisans to create items that reflect a fusion of ideas - old and new, modern and traditional. We believe the handmade is a work of art, and we aim to celebrate it as a form of self-expression and a way to preserve cultural heritage.

Our Promise

Tiklari is handcrafted with a happy soul
Tiklari celebrates fashion while embracing tradition
Tiklari is ethically handmade with integrity by artisans from different cultures around the world
Tiklari's metals are always lead, cadmium and zinc-free
Our stones, crystals + fabrics are all sourced locally

Your Support Makes a Difference

By purchasing Tiklari products, you are supporting a movement: a movement to go back to slow fashion + to support people directly instead of feeding big factories and machines who use huge amounts of chemicals and create a much bigger impact on the environment.

Your money goes directly to us, a company owned by a single owner, who pays her artisans fairly and directly. There are no intermediaries, and the artisans we work with have families and children, so you help support their wellbeing and education.