• Co-Create a Mala Necklace with In-Person Consultation

  • $340.00

Would you love a mala necklace but none of the pre-designed ones call your heart? Are you facing certain challenges, or need support with something, but have no idea what you need? As an intuitive artist + energy healer, I can help you out. Let me help you identify if there is a specific chakra you are struggling with and choose the right crystals for you. 

The experience of co-creating a piece is so special. Malas are sacred pieces of wearable art, and having one especially made for you, with your own intention, can be magical and deeply healing. 

This listing includes a co-created mala necklace + a 45-60 minute consultation, over the phone, Facetime, Skype or in-person (if you are local). If you don't feel you need the consultation, I also offer the option of co-creating a piece via a personal questionnaire you can fill out yourself! You can take a look at that option here.


1. After I receive your payment, I will email you a few options for us with times available to set up your consultation, which can be in-person (I live in Bend, OR) or over the phone, Skype or Facetime. I prefer a video call since it is more personal and easier to connect than just phone, but it is your call!

2. During the consultation, we will talk about what you are feeling, where you are at, what you need support with, and so on. I will then help you choose the crystal beads, pendant + animal charm that I intuitively feel can support the specific intention you are working with. I will suggest some options for you, and after our consultation will send two different crystal combination options to you via email, with pricing, on an easy-to-download PDF file. 

3. Once you choose the combination you love the most, I will send a link for any pending balance (this is dependent on the crystals you chose). I then will purchase the necessary materials and design your mala. 

4. Once I receive your materials I will send you a photograph of the beads on my special mala board, organized in the order they will be knotted. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive this.

At this point, you can make edits/changes around the order of the beads, if you want any. Any additional changes at this point (i.e. if you want to change the beads we had chosen, for example) will be charged for separately.

5. Once I receive your approval on the design, I will knot the mala and ship it to you within 1 week. Please note that once the mala is knotted, I cannot re-design it. 


*Pricing for co-creating your piece varies depending on the crystals we choose for your piece. They start at $300 (this price includes the personal consultation) and may increase depending on the cost of the crystals/stones you select.

*I take the payment upfront before setting up a time for a consultation.

*If you choose beads that will increase the price, I will send a separate link for the rest of the payment once we have agreed on the specific design for you. I will create a special listing for you on my website and send you the link so you can proceed with the rest of the payment from there. 

*Due to the nature and the amount of time I put into these pieces, I cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time. Because of their unique qualities and dedicated work that goes into each of them, co-created piece holds a special kind of magic. I stand behind the quality of my work and can assure you will love your piece! 

Have more questions? Please reach out! 

Your mala is a sacred object made with delicate, high-quality crystals, stones, and gold plated details. As with anything scared, it must be cared for and tended to. For detailed information please visit our CARE section.
Shipping + Returns
The process of co-creating a mala takes anywhere between 1-3 weeks, depending on stock availability and my workload. Co-creating a piece is a magical process and a lot of love and time goes into each piece. Materials are selected based on your intention, every mala is created guided by intuition and each bead is hand-knotted with devotion and care. I can assure you, the wait for your magical piece is worth it ♡ Due to the nature and the amount of time that goes into custom-made pieces, I cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time. Thank you for understanding.
minimal waste jewelry

One of our most important values is caring for Mother Earth. By using traditional hand-making techniques that have been used by artisans from different cultures around the world for hundredths of years, and using environmentally-friendly packaging, we make sure that our production remains as low-impact as possible. Please refer to our Minimal Waste Jewelry section for more information.

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  • Co-Create a Mala Necklace with In-Person Consultation
  • Co-Create a Mala Necklace with In-Person Consultation
  • Co-Create a Mala Necklace with In-Person Consultation
  • Co-Create a Mala Necklace with In-Person Consultation

Notes of Appreciation

“The pieces Karla creates are absolutely wonderful. Her malas carry the crystals’ and the animals’ powerful healing properties. They become your loyal companions: they are truly magical.”

-Barbara Mori, Actress

"I have always admired the creativity and heart in Karla’s work. She created a mala in response to my request that is stunning, embodies everything I had hoped, and carries a beautiful energy of love and courage. I am loving it. Her intuition and creative eye exceeded my expectations.”

-Lori R, Energy Healer, Bend, OR

“I love my mala. When I linked up with it, I knew it was just as I had envisioned it: I can feel the energy of the oceans in it. Karla is seriously talented.”

-Jane S, Spiritual Teacher, Ashland, OR